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Le Voci di Dentro (Inner Voices)

The Journey

The Journey

The Journey,  2014,  Graphite on Canvas,   52″ x 32″

Points of View


Points of View,  2013,  Graphite on Canvas,   52″ x 34″

New Perspectives

New Perspectives

New Perspectives 2012

Graphite on Canvas 18″x38″


Highlander,   Colored pencil on Paper,   1986

Zia Letizia

Zia Letizia,   Pencil and Charcoal on Paper,   1998


Inflation,   Ink and Oil on Canvas board,   1995

My Flower

My Flower,   Oil Pastel on Paper,   2007

Plant of Happiness

Plant of Happiness,   Colored Pencil on Paper,   1983

Still Life

Still Life,   Colored Pencil on Paper,   1994