Vito Giancaspro
 was born and raised in Italy. He currently lives and works in New York. His artworks and ability in producing multimedia events such as, Art as a First Language (2007-2008) and Art to Wear (2009-2015) lead him to achieve a great success extensively in Italy, Turkey and New York, where his new multimedia works has been well received and also inspired fellow colleagues.

His body of artworks consists of drawings, paintings, and silkscreen prints. He also creates sculptures with materials such as metal and clay.

In the past, he has also created a photo essay, Actions & Reflections; a collection book of photographs and poetries, both produced by the artist.

His latest project, an installation of blank canvases titled, Art to Wear (2009-2015), includes a series of video productions of a staged happening in front of a live audience of NYC. His vision of audience involvement and the use of space within and without, used widely without limits are inspired by Warhol’s “Chelsea Girls” video, and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Vito Giancaspro has been an independent curator starting from April 1997, in Turin, Italy, with his first group exhibition titled, “Prima Mostra di Artisti Casellesi” (First Exhibition of Caselle Artists). In September of the same year he was the producer and curator of, “Primo Defile’ Artistico” (First Choreographic Fashion Show) with the introduction of a variety of dance disciplines. While living and working in Italy, he co-founded the art studio, “La Danse” where he produced events of performing and visual arts.

In New York, he continued expressing his talent as a curator by producing a multimedia and multicultural exhibition, titled, “Art as a First Language” in 2007-08, including special guests such as, Leonard Rosenfeld (a XX Century artist), Fiona Pippa, and Yukiko Kobayashi. In this show musicians, dancers and martial arts performers were introduced.
In 2010, Vito has been the curator of an art market titled, “Gift Fair” exhibiting paintings, drawings, photographs, video installation, and sculptures in a Long Island City gallery.
At the end of 2010, he was a co-curator of the 2nd “100 Artist Exhibition” in one of the Brooklyn galleries. Then, the 3rd titled, “Red” in 2011 and the 4th “Love,” in 2012. During the year 2011 he has been the curator of “The Way of Life” an exhibition that involved, emerging and established artists, both international and from New York. Since December 2011, he immersed himself in his latest project named after the title of his own painting,”East & West.” As the Italian originator and curator, for this latest exhibition, he carefully chose the most characteristic gallery-museum, “Sala dei Templari” a historical site part of Molfetta City Hall (BA) Italy. The East & West event lasted for the whole month of July, 2012, featuring 100 artists, including Italian, Asian, and New Yorker artists with about a thousand visitors. Today my painting/symbol of the event is permanently exhibited in the library museum of the city. A special thanks to Molfetta City Hall board, for the realization of this successful event.

In June 2014, Vito has been collaborating with MA’s Play House as a Set Designer for a theater play, “Ti Jean and his Brothers” at Maroney Theater in Brooklyn. The theater company has widely used my drawing titled, “Points of View” for promotional materials as flyers, website, articles for online magazines, and other social media.



School of Visual Arts:

– Silas H. Rhodes Merit Scholarship, 2008 – 2010

La Guardia Community College:

– Academic Achievement Award – Honors’ Night, 2008

– America Rising Scholarship, 2006

– Italian Charity of America – Certificate of Merit & Award, 2007

– Academic Peer Instruction Leader, 2006 – 2007

– World Art Contest Day Prize, 2007

– W.A.C. Lighting Company Scholarship, 2006



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